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Chiraw fra Nederland ga for ikke lenge siden ut sin debut på Rusty Cage Records.

Publisert: 11.08.2009

Av Jørgen Garmann

Såpass oppsiktsvekkende var "Dark Frequencies" at vi tok mot til oss, sendte noen spørsmål til treskolandet og håpet på svar... Det fikk vi og her følger spørsmål og svar i engelsk drakt. Det er trommisen, Ric som svarer:

First, let me congratulate you with your debut album. How are the response so far?
- Thanx!! The response has been very positive so far.

Do you have a number on how many releases that have been sold yet?
- No, we haven’t got any idea. It’s hard these days with so much good bands around and a worldwide financial crisis.

The band is from the Netherlands, how are the metal scene over there nowadays?
- The scene is very good down here. There are so many good bands, new ones and some that have been around for some longer time. There are quite a few places to play. Many people organise metal/rock-evenings with live-bands and festivals.

Any other up & coming bands we should prepare ourselves for in the future?
- Chiraw, of course! And like I said, there are so many new good bands. Just check out the bands at our label Rusty Cage Records.

You were founded in 2006 and won the MetalBash the same year, please tell us the story.
- Well, as you said, the band started January 2006 when I completed the bands with becoming the drummer which they were looking for. We wrote 5 songs and immediately recorded an EP/demo. With this demo we got some gigs and without telling the rest of the guys I signed us up for the MetalBash. Just another gig I thought, if we were selected.

And we were selected, we won the first round and then against our own expectations we won the final! We are always writing, so after that we finished a bunch of new songs and started recording "Dark Frequencies" and meanwhile we did as many gigs as possible. Like Waldrock and the Zwarte Cross!

Your type of metal is melodic deathmetal, who has inspired you along the way?
- We're inspired by so many things. Every bandmember listens to something different and brings something else to the table. From AC/DC to Meshuggah and everything in between.

How did you get the record deal at Rusty Cage?
- We sent our recordings, they were interested and we got together and here it is!

What's going on right now, are you touring the new album or working on new material?
- We are doing some shows/festivals, but we are mostly writing new material for the next record that'll be recorded this summer. And we just recently completed the band again with a new guy on keyboards, and he’s way better then we ever had. So we are very excited to write new stuff with him and we can’t wait to hear how it will sound!

Any chance we'll get to see you here in Norway any time soon?
- We don’t know yet, but we would like that very much, so if you or anyone reading this can help with that, then hell yeah!!

What's your feelings about the music downloading issue? Do you worry about it or do you think it gives smaller bands more attention and that it won't affect the sales too much?
- It has it's pros and cons. On one side it's easier to get your stuff out to the people, but it's harder to make some money. And with so much bands it’s harder to stand out from the crowd.

Ok, I think that's it for now. Do you have any last words you want to add?
- At first, thanks a lot for this interview and the attention!! And everyone should take a look at our website, listen to our stuff and tell us what ya think and then order the damn bastard of an album, "Dark Frequencies" - Hahaha!!

CHIRAW - Official Website

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